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From "Like a good neighbor..." to "You're in Good Hands", insurance companies have spent millions of dollars in marketing with the hope that you will believe that they are your friend.  That they will take care of you when you need them.  And that they are on your side. 

Having worked for the insurance company as trial counsel, I have seen that reality firsthand. I can say with certainty that the insurance company is not your friend, they are not your friendly neighbor,

and they certainly do not have your best interest at heart. That

is why I started Schmidt Legal Group. 

The harsh reality is that insurance companies are interested in settling accident claims as quickly and cheaply as possible. All that matters is their bottom line. In order to achieve a quick and inexpensive resolution to your case, insurance adjusters will often engage in a number of misleading tactics in an effort to convince you to accept a much lower

settlement amount than you deserve.

Our focus is to ensure that Utah families are fairly and fully compensated following an accident.  When you are represented by Schmidt Legal Group, you can rest assured knowing who's on your side.

Brad Schmidt


Common Questions

How Can an Experienced Utah Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

You are not alone after being injured in an accident in Utah.  Help is available at the personal injury law firm of Schmidt Legal Group.  Hiring an attorney to represent you during an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit can increase your chances of obtaining fair financial compensation for the full extent of your losses.  A lawyer can take care of many important tasks for you during an injury claim, such as:

   •   Accident and injury investigation

   •   Evidence preservation and collection

   •   Eyewitness interviews or depositions

   •   Accident reconstruction

   •   Claims paperwork and filing procedures

   •   Connections to qualified experts 

   •   Aggressive insurance settlement negotiations

   •   Personal injury trial litigation in Utah, if necessary

From taking over the legal process on your behalf to connecting you to top doctors in your area, Schmidt Legal Group will look out for your physical, emotional and financial well-being.  You can rest and concentrate on healing while your lawyer deals with a range of complicated legal tasks in pursuit of justice on your behalf.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

At Schmidt Legal Group, our goal is to make the recovery process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clients and their families.  One of the ways we accomplish this is with contingency fees.  Taking injury cases on a contingency fee basis means that you’ll never pay your attorney out of your own pocket, win or lose.  We don’t charge a dime upfront for our services– there is no retainer fee to start your case.

If your personal injury claim does not result in financial compensation for your injuries and losses, we won’t charge you at all for the services that we’ve already provided.  If your case does end in a successful settlement or judgment award in Utah, we’ll charge our fees as a pre-agreed-upon percentage of the overall amount won.  With this arrangement, our fees are affordable for every client.

Why Choose Us?

According to a 2014 study by the Insurance Research Council, individuals that retained a lawyer for their personal injury claims recovered an average of three times more money than an individual who resolved their claim without legal representation.  Given our history of working for the insurance company, we are uniquely positioned to aggressively negotiate and litigate your claims.

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